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Posted by palmer560 - April 5th, 2021


The first alpha of our new game, Shale Hill Secrets, is now available to patrons! Click here to check it out.

Shale Hill Secrets is about a guy who stumbles upon a great deal of power - he sees into people's private lives. He uses it to help others, but also uses it to develop personal relationships with people that would've been difficult otherwise. The deeper he goes down the rabbit hole, the more likely he is to encounter the real powers that puppeteer his fate and those of his classmates.

Developed by Love-Joint

Ricky | Producer, Code, Engine

AW | Plot, Writing, Direction

NiRo | Character Design, Art

Mr. Vargas | Character Design, Art

Zed | Marketing, Art

Luke | Marketing, Art

In Memory of Palmer.



Posted by palmer560 - January 3rd, 2021


A first look at our next game & studio update!

Hey everyone. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday. Today we’d like to share an update about what we have planned for 2021 and the future of the studio after the completion of Double Homework.

As most of you already know, Double Homework’s main storyline was completed in Episode 19, but we planned two extra epilogues to show what happened to our beloved characters afterwards. The first one focused on Johanna and Tamara was released in December 2020 (patrons can play it here), and we’re planning to release the second one at the end of January.

In February, we’d like to finally present a playable preview of our next game – which still doesn’t have an official title. We’ve been planning, prototyping and experimenting with it since October 2020, so we are feeling pretty confident and excited about it! We don’t want to spoil too much at this early stage, but you can expect a lighthearted story full of interesting characters and rich environments. This time, we’d like to provide less linear gameplay, giving players the opportunity to explore more possibilities and feel in control of their choices.

Please take into consideration the images in this post are work in progress drafts. We are still developing the style/postwork and the final game will most likely look slightly different – and hopefully even better!


Click here to see the preview in full size

This new project will likely move away from HTML5. We want to explore new possibilities that are currently unfeasible in DH’s engine. Web based games are fantastic for accessibility, but they also bring in limitations and issues that we’d like to get rid of in order to expand the scope of our games, presenting players with a richer and more exciting world. There exists the possibility that the first preview of the game will be Windows only, but we’re working hard to expand the list of supported platforms, aiming to eventually release the game for Windows, Mac and Android.

We’d also like to officially welcome two new very talented artists joining the Love-Joint team: NiRo and Mr. Vargas! Both of them are experienced creators who are now in charge of bringing to life the world and characters of our new title. We are super excited and happy to have them on board and we hope you all like the new aesthetic we are going for.

We’ll be publishing more teasers and information about the new game soon.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

The Love-Joint Team



Posted by palmer560 - December 5th, 2020


Double Homework – Episode 19 has been released to $10+ patrons! Click here to play now!

This is by far the longest episode text and image wise we’ve ever done, breaking the previous record set in Ep18. We really needed the extra time to make that happen. Again, apologies for the delay!

$20+ patrons get a visual bonus scene with the MC, Tamara and Morgan playing in the pool, over 250 images from the chapter, and cheat codes. Claim it here!




Posted by palmer560 - November 21st, 2020


The weekend is finally here, so why not celebrate it with another preview of Double Homework Episode 19?

We know the last image with Dennis got you thinking, so here’s another to keep you going until release at the end of the month. Thank you all so much for the kind words on the last post. We cannot wait for you to play the episode!

Double Homework - Episode 19 will be released on Love-Joint's Patreon towards the end of November!

Have a great weekend all,

The Love-Joint Team



Posted by palmer560 - October 13th, 2020



Posted by palmer560 - June 1st, 2020


Double Homework – Episode 15 has been released to patrons!

A deep, long, and complex episode that we feel is absolutely fantastic. Obviously we hope you feel the same way! Please leave constructive feedback in #game-feedback on our Discord if you can. We’d truly appreciate it.

$20 patrons get a lot this month, including a great visual bonus scene with Rachel and the MC being spied upon by someone we’ve only met briefly. Sexy af. Of course you also get all Ep15 images and cheat codes!

We hope you enjoy!



Posted by palmer560 - January 9th, 2020

iu_84527_5493552.jpgI mean, who can say no to this mysterious and beautiful girl?

Double Homework - Episode 11 will be released on Patreon at the end of January!

Click here to download the full image. 



Posted by palmer560 - October 31st, 2019


Episode 8 of Double Homework has been released to $10/$20 patrons.

Things at home and at school continues to heat up in this latest episode, head here to play now!



Posted by palmer560 - July 1st, 2018

All games are back up :) (Patreon made us remove them and change some things.) Please let us know if you have any issues so we can help you fix them.

Also, if you want more, please consider pledging a very small amount (and get the latest chapters quicker and other Patreon exclusives) at www.patreon.com/palmer 

Official blog: www.love-joint.com

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/CKYKNFu Here you can e.g talk to the developers directly or download a backup to an episode or chapter so you will not have to replay the entire game again. We also give support here that will help you if you encounter any issues, and of course, have a lot of fun.